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Swiftwater Rescue – Noodle Extraction Device

The victim desperately trying to keeping their head above the swift-moving current of the river so the rescue needs to be quick. The first team heads out on Carlson Rescue Boards and to ferry the River Right (RR team). River Left (RL team) team fires the initial line across the…

Swiftwater Rescue: Three Point Anchor with Vector Assist

The goal of this video was to capture the essence of anchors for the rescue boat and the hydraulic effects of the river on the rescue raft itself. After the ResqMax was used to shoot the line across the river, the River Left team anchored one line while River Right…

Swiftwater Rescue 2 Point Anchor with Assist: Single Victim

In this segment, two rescuers ferry across the river prepped and ready to receive the line shot from the Rescue Max. Rescuer enters the water with the far bank hauling the near band (river right) giving slack. Anchors are established on both sides of the river (2 points) with the…