Rigging Lab Academy is the premier learning and continuing education platform for the global rigging community. We are dedicated to uniting the rigging industry and building a legacy for future generations. Get access to the top riggers from around the world in a variety of industries.


Since 2005, Rigging Lab Academy (aka The Rigging Lab) has been creating and filming training projects for a global rigging community. We are a multi-faceted hub for the rigging enthusiast as well occupational riggers and rope technicians of the world... connecting “learner and teacher” through critical resources and “wow” experiences.

Our goal is to completely disrupt the status quo for both learner and teacher. We partner in exploration resulting in creative solutions. Created out of a perceived lack of knowledge sharing in an industry where we all learn from doing, Rigging Lab Academy provides riggers with the opportunity to an out of the box experience, from leaders from all over the world.

We know that there are amazing riggers and rope technicians out there who are doing amazing things, but perhaps don’t have the platform to share their knowledge. We offer a space for riggers to grow, while allowing them to discover their own creativity, gifts, and courage. We are building a community of both apprentices and masters. Never before, has this been done on such a grand scale.

As a community, we’re working together to build up this new generation of apprentice riggers, rope technicians, and masters in the “field of rigging”. Our vision is about creating a legacy where transformation happens and is passed along to the current generation, who will then take it, and build on it for the generations to come.

Rigging Lab Academy Membership

Love rigging and hate “status quo”? You belong here! We are the planets #1 digital source for rigging on rope and growing.

Leadership is about influence and there are active leaders and passive leaders. We all have something special in us that others need to know and learn from. Yet many of us aren’t quite sure what to do about that.

We believe in Transformation. We Partner In Exploration Resulting In Creative Solutions. The Rigging Lab Academy Membership connects learners and teachers through critical resources and a “wow” experience. Our view is that connectivity a the crucial element and the difference between effectiveness and efficiency and community what holds everything together.

The RLA Membership gives our global rigging community a platform, that makes information accessible and content easily consumed. Members are given an accelerated learning process, that inspires and prepares them with tactics and strategies that actually work. Learning from great people should always the goal.

Built by Riggers

Rigging Lab Academy provides access to the top minds in the global rigging industry.


Through Rigging Lab Academy, you have access to the top rigging experts in the world. Learn from the best in the industry.


Get access to over 12 specialized online courses in a variety of disciplines led by rigging experts (and more on the way).


The community drives Rigging Lab Academy. Get access to everyday riggers throughout the world, collaborate, and share knowledge.


Get access to countless technical articles written by our rigging experts. Their knowledge becomes your knowledge through Rigging Lab Academy.

We Believe In Transformation

Rigging Lab Academy is about disrupting the status quo of learning and training in the rescue and rigging industry.

We Partner In Exploration Resulting In Creative Solutions.

We are making the world safer, together.