Vortex Assembly and Overview
Lance Piatt

The Arizona Vortex Guidebook

What is the best way to use The Vortex Guidebook? “Specialized training and experience in technical rigging is absolutely essential for safety use. This manual/guidebook

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5 Rules to Help Determine Simple & Compound Mechanical Advantage Systems
Lance Piatt

A Mechanical Advantage Overview

Mechanical Advantage Overview Mechanical Advantage is a measure of the force multiplication achieved by using a tool. In most cases, this involves using pulleys, but

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Counterbalance technique
Lance Piatt

General Rescue Principles

Excerpt from Gear In Use 2: Technical Rescue Inert suspension in a harness, even for a short time, can cause serious physiological harm. In case

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FDNY Large Area Search Kit
Lance Piatt

A Primer on Rope Certifications

Thanks, Sterling Rope R&D for this information It’s important to purchase your life-safety equipment from respected and certified manufacturers. Part of understanding this significance is

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