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“For over 2 decades, we have been assisting and guiding officers, chiefs, directors, and managers through the maze of technical rope rescue program building and training and it started for the same reason as everyone else… I was lost and needed help”. 

“A few amazing friends took me aside and helped me understand this vast world of rigging and rescue and it was through this struggle we developed the Blueprint for success and have been following it ever since in the development of our courses and strategies.” 

Lance Piatt CEO and Founder of Rigging Lab Academy

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While many of the challenges within the fire service, law enforcement, Search and Rescue, as well as general industry have battles with toxic leadership, internal strive, budget constraints, and a lack of buy-in… it can feel like a “survival” cry just to get something done.  We get it.  A feeling of lost or failing aspects of the “requirements of the service” is daunting… but not impossible to overcome.  

It will get better and we can help.  Maybe move a mountain or two!

Simply subscribe to Rigging Lab Academy, gain immediate access to over 100’s of hours of training that you can fit into your schedule when it works for you, and gain the knowledge you need to lead your team to success out in the field. 

So, join the Rigging Lab Academy today. 

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Meet Lance

CEO & Founder of Rigging Lab Academy and Rescue Response Gear

Lance lives in Central Oregon with his wife of 37 years, his pal Judah (some call him a dog) and his son/adventure partner/business partner, Torrey. He has been around rigging and hanging rope for over 25 years.  

Lance purchased Rescue Response Gear in 1997 and immediately began the process of understanding video applications for training.  It was a slow process but momentum to hold in 2003. 

 In 2005, Lance began making video training programs, starting with his work with Reed Thorne in the Tower Rescue series. Eventually this turned into creating the first ever eLearning site for the global rigging community known and recognized today as Rigging Lab Academy. 

In 2017 over 50 courses were filmed, produced and delivered to the world and 

today, we have well over 60 courses that span the entire spectrum of rope rescue and rigging.  

Together, Rescue Response Gear and Rigging Lab Academy have answered the call of riggers, trainer, teams and officers… “Help us elevate our game”!

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