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The premier learning and continuing education platform for the global Rigging and Rescue Community.

Since 2005, Rigging Lab Academy (RLA) has been creating and filming online training and eCourses for a global rigging community. We are a multifaceted hub for the rigging enthusiasts, occupational riggers, and rope technicians of the world, connecting “student and teacher” through critical resources and incredible learning experiences. Our goal is to completely disrupt the status-quo for both learner and teacher. We partner in exploration resulting in creative solutions.

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At Rigging Lab Academy, we know that you want to stay at the top of your game with cutting edge techniques.
In order to do that, you need continuing education at all levels on a variety of skills in your field.

The problem is the cookie cutter and archaic education that is provided to you which leaves you unprepared for the situations you face in the field. We believe that education should work around your schedule and keep you up to date on all the latest advances in this ever-evolving industry. We understand the risks and dangers that you are facing in the line of duty and the need to have solutions at the ready, which is why we bring you instructors at the top of their game to teach you at every level.

Simply subscribe to Rigging Lab Academy, gain immediate access to over 100’s of hours of training that you can fit into your schedule when it works for you, and gain the knowledge you need to lead your team to success out in the field. 
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lance piatt rigging

Meet Lance

CEO & Founder of Rigging Lab Academy and Rescue Response Gear

Lance lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife of 32 years, his pal Judah (some call him a dog) and his Son/Adventure Partner/Business Partner, Torrey. He has been around rigging and hanging rope for over 25 years. As a true entrepreneur, shiny objects attract him, so focus is challenging. Some of his hobbies include surfing, whitewater paddle boarding, climbing, and mountain biking.

In 2005, Lance began making video training programs, starting with his work with Reed Thorne in the Tower Rescue series. Eventually this turned into creating the first ever eLearning site for the global rigging community known and recognized today as Rigging Lab Academy.

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