About Rigging Lab Academy

Rigging Lab Academy is the premier learning and continuing education platform for the global Rigging and Rescue Community.

The Foundations of Rescue & Rigging Anchor Systems eBookWe fully understand and agree, that for Rigging Lab Academy to be the incredible school it was designed to be, RLA  must fit into your day to day life as an easy and a creative tool, in order for you to become unique and powerful. 2 words… Flexible and Economical.

You want this learning and training platform as easy as watching videos while you eat your breakfast or lounging on the couch. We’re not replacing your need for  in-person or hands on training and learning but we’re coming to you on the go and for your convenience. There’s a lot out there to remember and sometimes all you need is just a reminder to get you going again.


We believe in cross discipline education, so whether you are in rope rescue with the fire service, arbor and tree climbing industry, mountain rescue, search and rescue, industrial rope access, climbing and slacklining, entertainment rigging, confined space stand-by rescue or a number of other disciplines… you will find a ton of learning opportunities not found anywhere else.

Rigging Lab Academy is mobile friendly for you to be able to access your courses and or reminders on the go and even in critical situations.

We want to empower you to learn new techniques and to take you to whatever level you want to achieve. 


lance piatt rigging

Meet Lance, CEO and Founder of Rigging Lab Academy and Rescue Response Gear

Lance lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife of 32 years, his pal Judah (some call him a dog) and his Son/Adventure Partner/Business Partner, Torrey. He has been around rigging and hanging rope for over 25 years. As a true entrepreneur, shiny objects attract him, so focus is challenging. Some of his hobbies include surfing, whitewater-paddleboarding, climbing, and mountain biking.

In 2005 Lance started making video training programs, starting with his work with Reed Thorne in the Tower Rescue series. Eventually this turned into the first ever eLearning site for the global rigging community known as Rigging Lab Academy.

Making the world safer, together.