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Technical Rigging – Anchors Part 1

Technical Articles | Anchors Part 1 This will be the first of a two part series on anchors. This section, purposely, will not include situations that necessitate vehicles, pickets or other such portable anchors. Nor is the series meant to be an exhaustive source of information… there are numerous books…

Elevated Anchors – Setting Up For The Resultant

The use of elevated anchors, i.e. high directional anchor systems, is a mandatory requirement of NFPA 1670 for rope technicians. Having said this, it is impossible to discuss one facet of rope rigging and not address all the many other aspects at the same time. A rope system is like…

Using Removable Anchors for Rescue and Rigging Are Great

Using removable Anchors for rescue and rigging are great… they really are.  Why?  As you’ll see in the video, sometimes options are thin and there is never a time when compromising anchors is part of the solution. These anchors (Removable Anchors by ClimbTech and PMI) can be removed and reused at…