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CMC Arizona Vortex Series 1 of 4: Introduction to the Arizona Vortex

The originator of modern artificial high directionals (AHD)s, the Vortex is a tripod, bipod and monopod in one all-inclusive kit. Its precision machined two-piece head can be rigged as a standard tripod or, in advanced applications, as an A-frame, Sideways A-frame, Gin Pole or a multitude of other configurations. The…

Highline Overview: A Case Study

Highline Overview: A Case Study Being prepared (prepped), is not an option in the field of rescue nor in the field of rigging for rescue. It’s THE key to either locking up or unlocking opportunities and options. Not being appropriately prepared is a leading cause of failure. NFPA 1670 stated…

SMC Vector Gin Pole Overview

SMC Vector Gin Pole Overview In this segment, we’ve got another simple two tension lower and two tension raise through two Petzl I’Ds, with the highlight of it being the high directional that we chose to use this time… The SMC Vector. It’s a single gin pole that allows for…