High Angle A-Frame Litter Raise and Lower with One Attendant

Written By: Lance Piatt

Innovative Techniques in High-Angle Rescues: The A-Frame Litter Operation with Solo Attendant

In the realm of technical rescue, efficiency, and adaptability are paramount, especially during high-angle operations. Our approach capitalizes on the classic A-Frame Artificial High Directional (AHD) configuration, meticulously chosen for its ability to facilitate smooth transitions, particularly for the critical pass-through of the litter and its attendant at elevated heights.

This operation was designed with a dual focus: to ensure the safety and stability of the patient while providing an enriching learning experience for the attendant. The litter setup was intentionally versatile, equipped with a convertible head end to transition between horizontal and vertical orientations seamlessly. The foot end was anchored using a “set of fours” system, linked through short connectors for added stability. In parallel, the attendant was securely connected to the system via another “set of fours” setup, originating from the yoke’s connection point, ensuring their safety and mobility throughout the operation.


Essential Components of the High-Angle A-Frame Litter Operation:

  • Back-Tie Anchors: These critical points offer the foundational support needed for the AHD, ensuring stability and security throughout the operation.
  • AHD Angle: The angle of the AHD is crucial for optimizing the efficiency of the litter’s movement, allowing for a smooth transition during both raising and lowering phases.
  • Litter Attendee Connection: The method of connecting the attendant to the litter system is vital, providing them with the ability to maneuver and adjust as necessary while maintaining constant support and control.

This instructional video delves into the strategic setup and execution of a high-angle litter operation utilizing an A-Frame AHD with a single attendant. By exploring the critical elements of back-tie anchors, AHD positioning, and the attendant’s connection to the litter, we aim to showcase the precision and care required in these complex rescue scenarios. Through this demonstration, viewers will gain insights into the nuanced techniques that enhance safety, efficiency, and effectiveness in high-angle rescue operations, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and precise execution in the face of challenging rescue conditions.

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