Two Rope Tension System A-Frame Resultant Insight, Part 2

Written By: Lance Piatt

Excerpt from "A Guide to Artificial High Directionals & Two Tension Rope Systems"

To review, this simplest way to make sure it’s stable is to visualize your resultants and make sure they’re landing within the footprint of your system. Then provide some guying for stability and the insurance that in the event that someone should change, you’ll still be stable. You may find situations — and we’ll show you some later on within this course — where your resultant can’t land within the footprint. For example, you may have leaning frames that go out over an edge, gantry poles that go out over the side of a bridge, things like that where your resultant is actually way outside the footprint.


That’s okay! You just need to know that it’s happening and then counteract it. One way to counteract that would be with really strong oppositional forces using guy systems or adding compression legs. You’ll see what later when we have a system that we tie into a side post as a way to add more stability.

So yes, there are rules of thumb that make it easier to land within the footprint, but it’s not absolute, and we’ll go over the different ways you might have to bend the rules but still keep it stable and safe.

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