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Rigging Lab Academy is an online community training hub ideal for professional rigging teams.

Gain access to a community of riggers and thought leaders from around the world in a variety of industries. Enjoy hundreds of exclusive videos, courses, and other materials to supplement your hands-on training.

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Leaders often have the best intentions and are driven to do the right thing, but no one is showing them the pathway to success - so they do their own thing. We can help with this.

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Jason_Ilowite rigging
Jason Ilowite
Firefighter with the Loudoun County, VA Fire Rescue Department

Rigging Lab Academy Master's Roadmap of Courses

Rigging Lab Academy’s leading contributor training courses are perfect for the new & the seasoned veterans looking to brush up on basic skills.





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"A definite must for all rescuers especially for us that don't have time to sit in classrooms it's on the go and must have in any rescuers bag of tools."

Frequently Asked Questions

RLA Essentials is great for new rescuers, riggers and team members who need to stay upto date on awareness, safety and basic team operations. Courses are focused on helping you build a strong and stable foundation of critical, must-know rigging skills, no matter your level of experience. for the FAQ

RLA Plus is perfect for rope riggers who are looking to get things done, these courses will have you dig deeper into the subject matter. The classes will focus not only on the knowledge deliverables for advancing your skills. The +PLUS courses are designed to integrate your knowledge and skills into riggings systems and solutions.​

For Rescue techs and leaders who want more in-depth training and coaching, RLA Pro [Rigging Lab Academy Pro] is the perfect option, because it’s everything in Rigging Lab Essentials and +Plus. With access to all our Online Courses and Workshops, with their updates and partner instructor access, and possible certificates on topics such as Confined Space Rescue, Twin Tension Systems, High Directional Rigging… you get the idea.

When joining the Rigging Lab Academy membership the best place to start is at the beginning… whether a seasoned rigger or brand new… the essentials are the building block to success. Start with the knot craft course and work your way down the essentials!

The only skill you need is a willingness to learn. The Rigging Lab Academy content and community has resources and advice for beginner, veteran riggers and instructors alike! We firmly believe there are no stupid questions. Never Stop Growing!

While the membership has a re-occurring auto payment, As a member, you can cancel at any time. While we hope you stay forever, we despise contracts and would never impose them on our members.

The Courses and Master Classes vary in length, and average from 2 – 10 hours each, depending on your pace of study, the ability to pass the quizzes, and depth of pursuit of learning!

Rigging Lab Academy is releasing content on a semi regular basis… as we are posting new blog each week. Along with members only content each month. RLA will keep you up to date rigging and rescue strategies and tactics

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