WorkPro Ropes for Industrial Safety via Sterling Rope

Written By: Lance Piatt

We’re here to talk a little bit about the line of WorkPro ropes for the industrial and safety world, for folks that are on towers or confined space, rope access, that sort of thing.

So, the entire line, we’ve got three ropes. There’s a 3/8, a 7/16, or 11 millimeters, and a 1/2 inch. They’re all kernmantle construction with a polyester sheath braided over a nylon core. That polyester sheath’s going to give it good durability, resistance to abrasion, UV damage, things like that. And that nylon core keeps it nice and supple, so good hand, good for tying knots, that sort of thing.

All three diameters, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 inch, are all certified for EN 1891 Type A. In addition, the 7/16 and the 1/2 inch are both NFPA-rated. The 7/16 would be technical use, and the 1/2 inch is general use, G-rated on there.

For folks in the rope access world, the 11 mil, especially in North America, is probably going to be the go-to diameter in there, both as a main working line and with your backup fall arresters. Some of the European folks and other folks overseas may trend a little bit more into that 10 millimeter size, depending on your own choices.

If you’re doing more structure-based work, towers or windows, on stage, or something like that, you’ll probably see either the 7/16 or the 1/2 inch as a good either part of your rescue kit, if you’re doing controlled descents and things like that, or possibly as your backup fall arrest system. Obviously, with those you just want to make sure you match the diameter to the correct backup fall arrest device, and make sure they’re compatible together.



Check out our WorkPro Static Ropes:



Sterling 3/8″ WorkPro

This rope is dual-certified to EN 1891 Type A and NFPA 1983 Technical Use. It’s light and packable and ideal as a lightweight access line or for use in light-duty rigging.

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Sterling 7/16″ WorkPro

This kernmantle rope is certified to ANSI Z133 and EN 1891 Type A. Compatible with hardware that requires a smaller diameter rope. Uses: Climbing line for SRS and MRS.

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Sterling 1/2″ WorkPro

At a larger diameter, this rope is easier to grip. Compatible with popular hardware for climbing and descent systems and certified to EN 1891 Type A and ANSI Z133. Uses: Climbing line for SRS and MRS.

Learn more

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