What’s the #1  leadership and team building mistake rope rescue technician’s make?

Written By: Lance Piatt

The year was 2003… almost 5 years post my bellwether event in Sedona. These “leaders” had shown me not just an existence of something new, but of a direction of a trend of things to come.

During these years, I had taken other courses and had become much more familiar with “the vertical terrain”. Mind you, I was still had a long way to go before I could say I understood the arena of access and rescue. These included SPRAT, CMC, Rescue 3, and many others. I was moving in a positive direction and loved it.

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My ability to help customers traverse problematic areas of gear selection, usage, and training all started to flow. Yet something was about to happen that changed my world yet again, and this ultimately lead to the creation of my first two projects… Tower Rescue for Emergency Responders and Tower Rescue for Tower Workers.

I realized the missing ingredient… BUILDING RETENTION! The “game is afoot!” and technology is going to help me figure this out.

So I started building a training system to guide teams all over the world into a better tomorrow.

Do you want 100% Recall and 100% Retention?
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When arriving upon the scene of an accident time is crucial and getting to the patient is critical and your A-Game is revealed through your actions… “past proves future” and your training is your past.

Peace on your Days


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