What would you say to a nervous rope rescue technician about getting started with leadership and team building?

Written By: Lance Piatt

I found myself in a very compromising predicament. I had been running my gear company for less than a year and had been in search and rescue or the better part of 2 years and felt comfortable with what I had understood rope rescue to be.

Fast forward a bit… I am standing on Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona taking an artificial high directional seminar and recognizing a very uncomfortable feeling – I am likely the most ill-prepared student in the entire class and everyone knows it. In general, many of the students within this rope rescue school could be considered “A-listers” and those who have taken a Ropes That Rescue seminar will attest to this.

I looked at one of these “A-listers” and my eyes must have given me away… he motioned… “follow me”. He knew I neither knew what I was doing nor why I was there and this changed the course of my life for the next 25 years.

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As the week progressed, I wasn’t nearly a lost as I was in the beginning, but things would have been much different had not a very astute and gracious student took me under his wing and explained, questioned me, and again explained all that was going on.

The week was an eye-opener for me… “you don’t realize how little you know until you realize how little you know”.

When I arrived home, I wanted to share everything with my teammates… including my team director. A few weeks had passed (with work and other commitments)… I couldn’t remember anything of substance. I could recall very little from this truly significant week of mine and that sucked.

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Peace on your Days


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