What are some myths team leaders believe about hidden treasures that simply aren’t true?

Written By: Lance Piatt

So, “the game is afoot”… Like Sherlock Holmes I was looking for something, anything that would get me closer to solving “the mystery of the missing retention”.

I approached 3 people I knew could help me in this…
Reed Thorne, who literally changed the scope and trajection of technical rope rescue and is a true pioneer of this industry.
Pat Rhodes, who thinks things through as a musician and his rigging systems are everso melodic~simply fascinating.
And finally Rick Johnson… you would know his calling card shot from the movie Titanic (you know… “I’m flying” where Jack and Rose are at the bow of the Titanic)… anyway, Rick has done thousands of film projects ranging from concerts, movies, sporting events and commercials.
I met with each of these guys independently and together and with each meeting we always agreed the huge hole was RETENTION and RECALL.

We finally agreed on an A/B project list and the rest (they say) is history. Tower Rescue changed the way the fire service and utilities ran their trainings. Now I had a watermark to gauge things from.

So over the next 15 plus years, I interviewed, filmed, and built a vehicle of transformation for individuals and teams all over the world. I have met people from around the globe and have heard crazy stories of how teams went from visionless to a well-oiled machine in a very short span of time.

This was part of the questionnaire I asked them to answer… Are you pushing your team to understand Two Tension Systems and High Directionals?

Bear in mind… this transformation is all about stalwart leaders. Without them, nothing happens. And this was my next clue… rigging is one thing, but equipping leaders to train riggers is a completely different story.

The ultimate goal is equipping courageous leaders to build other courageous leaders for tomorrow.

“Hidden in the vastness of information is vision and a courageous soul and too this… I have undertaken.” Unknown

Find the Hidden Treasures that are your training officers for the next generation and generously invest into them!!!!!

This offer will expire in 2 Days!  Why? Because Hidden Treasure is all around and you need to find them and train them. Quickly!

Talk tomorrow,

Peace on your Days



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