Twin Highline Unit 6 : Twin Highline and Track Line Using a Manned Belay Part 2

Written By: Lance Piatt


The second part of using a Twin Highline with a designated belayer to lower the worker or rescuer down to the working area. This segment goes through the first part of the process of using the Twin Highline Track Line with a belayer belaying the rescuer or worker as they move down the line. The working platform is a systems of ascent device, descent device and fall protection devices. A clean set up indeed. The working platform is “attached” to the track line, which makes it an anchor as well… thus a two rope track line (independent main line and safety line). The tensionless hitches can the rope at full strength. The belay line is manned by a belayer from a separate line. Communication with the belayer is important. The gear used in the platform and PPE are the Petzl Bod Harness, Petzl Am’d carabiners, Rock Exotica Rock Star, Sterling Rope 11mm-7/16″ HTP, Rock Exotica Swivel Pulleys, Petzl I’d. For more on this topic and others… see or call Rescue Response Gear at 888-600-9116


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