Swiftwater Rescue: Three Point Anchor with Vector Assist

Written By: Lance Piatt

The goal of this video was to capture the essence of anchors for the rescue boat and the hydraulic effects of the river on the rescue raft itself.

After the ResqMax was used to shoot the line across the river, the River Left team anchored one line while River Right A and River Right B anchored the other two ropes.

The goal was to “access” a victim in a very difficult place in the river.


Using the moving water itself along with each rope (both in tension and compression mode), the boat was ferried to an eddy behind the rock (where access to the victim would likely occur).

A Reach grappling tool was used to attach a separate “vector assist” line to River Left and angle the boat into proper position.

Special Thanks to:

  • Rescue Response Gear
  • City of San Diego Lifeguards.


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