Swiftwater Rescue Single Victim: Single Point Connection / Ferry Crossing

Written By: Lance Piatt

swiftwater rescue single victim single point ferry crossing

Great time with the guys from San Diego Lifeguards.

Super quick evolution. After the river-left crew paddled (ferry angle) across the river to get to the victim, the river right crews started with getting the water line across by using the ResqMax and having the pilot line tied to the mainline.


A change of direction (CD) pulley and progress capture was employed at a high point to create a ferry angle point using the moving water as a force to create the vector line (resultant) and allow the rescuer and victim safe passage back to river right.

Gear Used:

Petzl Minder Single Prusik 

NRS Z Drag Kit 

CMC ResqMax Swiftwater Rescue Kit

Sterling Waterline

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