Sterling Rope’s Prusiks: Gear Video Vault by Rescue Response Gear

Written By: Lance Piatt

Sterling Rope prusik cords are for general utility purposes and Prusik purposes. Not for use in lead climbing or rappelling. Designed a little differently to make them more rugged, yet easier to knot and use. This is done by having higher twist levels in the sheaths and cores. Some other cords have no twist in the sheath which reduces the longevity and makes the cord stiff and difficult to tie. Very popular for Prusik use as they eliminate bulky knots and still provide high strength. Prusik cords serve many functional purposes in the field. They are extremely versatile in tandem prusik belays, load release devices, as ratchets in pulley systems, and anchor systems. One of the main factors to consider is consistency in durability and suppleness. Note: To insure that your Prusik cord moves and grips properly, the diameter relationship between the standing line and your Prusik loop diameter should follow the general rule of a 60-80% ratio. Proper guidelines recommend that you review your rescue applications and test any new cord prior to actual field use.


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