Staggering rigging anchors is a perfect way to spread the mechanical advantage system over a broad area, while at the same time, using the area very efficiently.  The goal is to get as much “throw” as possible and to limit resets.   There are numerous ways to do this and these are only two of the many.  Ultimately the process includes a Change of Direction (CD).

A Change of Direction pulley would normally be fixed at a primary anchor and added between the input force and the mechanical advantage system.  Splitting the systems creates a compound systems and thus multiplies the two mechanical advantage systems.  Rarely would a team employ a system such as this when there are numerous haulers… This can be analogous to throwing gas on a fire… Don’t do it!  With systems like this… less is more.

Remove as much friction in the system as possible before implementing any compound mechanical advantage system.  Also remember that while gaining “power”, resets become an issue, so by staggering the anchors properly you can mindfully calculate the resets (both from and back) so they are sync’d.

Just a note… both of these system are variations of a progression ending in a 9:1 mechanical advantage pulley system.

For more on these systems and other systems like them, visit Rigging Lab Academy today.

As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!

Peace on your days…



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