SMC Vector Monopod-Gin Pole

Written By: Jason Ilowite

So the operation we did here was again a simple two tension lower, and two tension raise, through two Petzl I’Ds, with the highlight of it being the high directional that we chose to use this time. And that’s the SMC Vector. So it’s a single gin pole, and it allows a lot of different options for guying. We elected to do two front ties and one single back tie, all of them under tension.

The Vector gin pole, the purpose behind it is for more back country rescue situations, where weight and size of materials is a big consideration that needs to be taken into account. So unlike the Vortex or the Terradaptor, where we have a lot of different height adjustment, and a lot of different strength additives, the Vector is only one height. You can’t extend it, you can’t retract it, but the goal is to just give yourself enough elevation over the edge to mitigate that friction during edge transitions, give yourself the benefits of a high directional, but also still maintain light weight and easy to carry, for those rescue teams that need to access difficult situations on long hikes.

So one thing that’s also worthy to note when dealing with the Vector gin pole, as is the same with any gin pole configuration, is the fact that … you can see that the gin pole, the Vector, is leaned forward a good bit. And again, like we talked about with the Vortex, that’s called erring forward. And what we’re doing is, we’re pushing the gin pole forward into the resultant.

So when we load this rope, and we have these two component vectors that forms the resultant right here in this pulley, we want this to be as in-line as possible with the compression member. Slightly forward, slightly behind, is okay, but too exaggerated forward and too exaggerated behind is gonna cause instability, so we lean the gin pole out into the resultant.



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