Rock Exotica’s Carabiner Gate Design Advantages: An RRG Signet Series Presentation

Written By: Lance Piatt

Rock Exotica’s Carabiner Gate Design Advantages, an RRG Signet Series presentation highlighting some of the advantages Rock Exotica’s gate design offers. Rock Exotica has refined the carabiner far beyond the offerings of other manufacturers. Our carabiners offer features you cannot get anywhere else: — Highest inward gate/sleeve strength to reduce risk of something levering against the sleeve and breaking it open. — Widest variety of lockers — check out our Manual Lock. — Best Autolocks — we use a pull-down & twist sleeve which is intuitive & easy to use. Once people try it they never go back. — Widest gate opening — we use a slightly angled gate opening that is ergonomic & opens farther. — Specialized swivel biners, lanyard pin models and more. — USA — All manufacturing is done at our factory in Utah.


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