When do I remove rope or a harness from service?

Written By: Lance Piatt

When do I remove rope or a harness from service?

Rope: A non-destructive test that tells how much strength your rope has left does not exist at this time. The decision to retire a rope or to keep it in service relies on good judgment that comes only from experience in working with rope. Inspecting a life safety rope involves visually looking for damage, feeling for damage and checking the rope’s history in the rope log.

Check your rope carefully after each use to make sure there are no cuts, chafed areas, broken fibers, soft or hard spots, glazed surfaces, discolorations, variations in diameter or any other visible damage. If any of the above are noted, the rope should be retired from service.

Inspect a new rope before it is put into service and then after each use. The inspection should be done by an experienced person deemed qualified by the agency/organization. A complete inspection includes both a visual and a tactile inspection.

Visually inspect the sheath to identify chafed areas, glazed surfaces, discoloration or variations in diameter. These areas should receive additional scrutiny during the tactile inspection. Look for areas of abrasion or cuts in the sheath where the core is exposed or enough of the sheath is worn that its ability to protect the core is compromised. The tactile inspection should be done with tension on the rope. Feel for variations in size and soft or hard spots that could indicate damage to the core or rope that has been overstressed. If any of the above are noted, the rope should be retired from service. If the rope has been subjected to shock loads, fall loads or abuse other than normal rappel or rescue training, the rope should be retired from service.

Each rope should be inspected before being used, even if the rope has never been placed in service. Keep ropes away from acids, alkalis, exhaust emissions, rust or other strong chemicals. Do not allow rope to be shock loaded or used over sharp bends.

It is impossible to state when to retire a rope because of the many variations with each rope. If you have any doubts about the integrity of a rope, retire it from service!


For more information on rope inspection, see ASTM F1740-96 Standard Guide for Inspection of Nylon, Polyester, or Nylon/Polyester Blend, or Both Kernmantle Rope.

Harness: The service life of a rescue harness is closely related to that of a life safety rope – both are used in the same environments, both are made from nylon or polyester and both receive similar levels of inspection and care. Since harnesses are worn on the body, they are generally better protected than ropes. On the other hand, harnesses rely on the stitching to hold them together, and due to its small diameter, the thread is more susceptible to abrasion, aging and chemical damage than web or rope.

The fall protection industry recommends two to three years as a service life for a harness or belt in use. They recommend seven years as the shelf life. The military was using seven years as a service life for nylon products. The Climbing Sports Group of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America states that a climbing harness should last about two years under normal weekend use. At this time, the rescue industry does not have a recommended service life for harnesses.


Through the ASTM consensus standards process, the rescue industry set 10 years as the maximum service life for a life safety rope (see ASTM Standard F1740-96 Guide for Inspection of Nylon, Polyester, or Nylon/Polyester Blend, or Both Kernmantle Rope). The guide stresses that the most significant contributing factor to the service life of a rope is the history of use. A rope that is shock loaded or otherwise damaged should be retired immediately. Hard use would call for a shorter service life than would be acceptable for a rope that sees very little use.


If we apply the same analysis to the rescue harness, then the actual use and the conclusions drawn from inspection would be the significant criteria for determining retirement. We do know that with any use a rope will age, and thus a harness is likely to do the same, so a 10-year maximum service life may well be appropriate for harnesses, assuming inspection has not provided any reason for earlier retirement.


As with life safety ropes, if the harness has been subjected to shock loads, fall loads or abuse other than normal use, the harness should be retired from service. If there is any doubt about the serviceability of the harness for any reason, it should be retired from service.




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    What’s y’all’s choose this? Should I ask him what are you doing, Or just assume I’m being ghosted and overlooked?

    Posted by ATX Peanut to Human contact (36 advice total) 2 users marked this as a popular

    Three periods. I don’t know that you must assume you’re being ghosted if that would bother you, But you’ll want to let it go. Bummer.

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    A saying the way we wish wish I’d learned earlier in my life: from the event the answer’s not Hell Yes, any No.

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    Posted by drastic at 10:27 AM regarding July 2, 2021 0 most favorite]

    optimum solution: Reciprocity needs to be a baseline expectation in dating and marriages. Two people who like each other should be making an equal effort to plan dates, correspond, And letting your partner know they are desirable, exciting, And exciting to be with. you are not getting the reciprocity you deserve.

    let this go. Why he’s acting this way really doesn’t matter. There could be an array of reasons, But people who want to be with you try no matter how busy they are and if they can’t make time for you then they explain why and when they’ll be available. they don’t make you chase them.

    submitted by brookeb at 10:28 AM on the July 2, 2021 2 offerings]

    Who knows what’s going on with him, But he is doing sound busy. I think it’s entirely possible that if you let things go for now, He may email you later. He knows you are interested, so that the ball’s in his court. I’m also popular, And sometimes a week goes by when I can’t make plans with people I do want to see. it’s probably more likely that he isn’t interested (howdy, That hurts), But I just wanted to throw that out there. If he is feeling overwhelmed by work or family or whatever, He might appreciate that you are currently giving him space.

    released by pinochiette at 10:31 AM during July 2, 2021 internet explorer favorites]

    Do you will like sailing? you went to a sailing race. Do sounds best sailing?

    I know your topic isn’t about sailing, But it a little like is, somehow. You are very focused right now on does he like me does he like me enough does he like the way I am communicating with him does he think it’s weird I called him, definitely does he, totally does he.

    Do you like him, Or the way he is contacting YOU, Or do YOU enjoy the things you do together. That’s all that should matter at this time. You say manually you’re miffed. It sounds to me like whatever is being conducted with him, You two don’t have compatible understanding styles, Meaning he is unsuitable for you. His scenario, Not your business opportunity.

    I enquire about the sailing because I fucking hate sailing and when I was younger, Going to watch a sailing match on a date with a guy because it was something he liked is totally some thing I would have sucked it up and done. at the present time? Hell no I’m not going to sit in the boiling sun circled by people wearing sperrys and be bored out of my mind. I will be at the museum a mile at a later date, Text me if you are done and we’ll get dinner together.

    placed by phunniemee at 10:32 AM within July 2, 2021 1 absolute favorites]

    Sounds like Major Life Stuff is happening that is interfering with his ability to begin a new relationship right now. perhaps work, Maybe family repayments, Maybe an ex came back in the picture, Maybe he’s getting serious with a co-worker he’s been dating casually. From stance, It won’t matter right now.

    The ball is very firmly in his court right now. You’ve done more than your share to be shown to continue the connection.

    I would consider mastering the arabic language be severed without prejudice. Stop speaking to him, Go on dates web-sites. If he comes on th scene and suggests a specific plan for getting together, the majority of go see him again to feel it out (Do his non verbals indicate him being placed?), But don’t get swept up again until it’s clear you’re for a passing fancy page.

    put up by itesser at 10:40 AM entirely on July 2, 2021 faves]

    I think the healthy way to manage this is accept that he is not currently showing any real enthusiasm and that sucks but there is no point in expending any further energy on it.

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