Product Recall Notice: Update CMC CSR2 Pulleys and Pulley Systems

Written By: Lance Piatt







Dear Valued Customer, During routine testing, CMC has learned that a small number of CSR2 Pulleys manufactured in April, May and June 2018 while strong, may not meet the minimum breaking strength (MBS) required for certification due to a manufacturing error. Products potentially impacted are the CSR2 Pulley (PN# 300343) and CSR2 Double Pulley (PN# 300342) with Lot Numbers 18116-01 through 18157-25. These pulleys are most commonly sold assembled in systems: CSR2 Pulley System 13mm (PN# 500102), and CSR2 Pulley System 11mm (PN# 500103); and found in kits, Confined Space Entry Kit (PN# 501201), and Confined Space Rescue Team Kit (PN# 501301). PN 300343 Lot# PN 300342











 Check all CSR2 pulleys to identify any with affected lot numbers 18116-01 through 18157-25.

 Immediately remove any affected CSR2 products from service.

 Contact CMC Customer Support at (800) 235-5741, (805) 562-9120, or via email at to receive a free shipping label and initiate the return process.

 Return the affected product directly to CMC for a no-cost full repair or replacement of the product.

Thank you for your continued support and trust! The CMC Rescue Team


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  2. Dramatic switch of ‘morbidly obese’ dad who nearly died after nine

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    A dad who spent nine weeks in hospital with Covid 19 says his brush with death inspired him to overhaul his beforehand unhealthy lifestyle.

    Daimon Keith, 50, Was very overweight when he was rushed to Wythenshawe Hospital in March 2020, After stressing of breathing issues.

    The dad of two from Trafford was so ill from coronavirus, Even a ventilator wasn enough to stop him alive.

    somewhat, He needed to be put on a lifesaving charmingdate ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane layer oxygenation) Machine which takes over a patient heart and lung functions to allow the organs to recover.

    It reserved for the sickest patients, And Wythenshawe is one of just five adult ECMO centres in a rural area.

    Since being released from hospital, Daimon has given up smoking and vaping, much more drinks alcohol and has lost 30kg (more or less 4stone 10lb).

    He has a long route to full recovery, And still feels the results of contracting coronavirus ten months after leaving hospital.

    “I was obese when I contracted coronavirus, Daimon recounted.

    “I still think I would have ended up in hospital, But my weight certainly didn’t help my body’s capability to fight the virus.

    “I’ve now quit blazing and drinking and, somebody in charge of in my life, I’ve joined up with a gym. Obviously I can’t go at this time but I can’t wait for them to reopen.

    “the way to a hard, Tough journey and I’m still not 100% but insurance carrier lots of positives.

    “It’s incredibly hard if you have lost someone and I do feel very thankful and lucky that I survived,

    find out more(impression: Daimon Keith)

    “I came back on the 1st March 2020 and on the 18th I started to feel like my breathing was quite laboured and I had a heat range, he said.

    “I lived in Africa for three or four years and I thought all the symptoms were much malaria.

    “I had to lay down and my breathing was getting worse so on the 23rd I rang an ambulance in a home office. I knew something hasn’t been right.

    “I’m not a drama queen I wouldn’t ever waste a doctor’s time as I know how pressured things can be for them but I knew I needed to get to hospital prior to being too late,

    Daimon was taken to the Emergency program at Wythenshawe Hospital, Where a chest X ray caused includes for medics.

    “You don’t realise how sick you are or what’s going to happen, he was quoted saying.

    “I remember coming round at one point and my wife was stood in the corner and my brother was on the reverse side of a glass window.

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    certainly no shortage of kuku sabzion the table in Iranian households during Persian New Year, frequently known as Nowruz. translation to ‘new day’, This celebration marks the beginning of the new year in Iran and coincides with the start of spring.

    Iranian chef Mahshid Babzartabi explains that on the first night of festivities,acne, everywhere over the country, Has rice blended with well chopped herbs, deep-fried fish and kuku sabzi,

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    Even as trendy new takes with funny names tried to introduce the ancient practice to new audiences, It was never enough to conquer the memory of my first failed attempt. Noga (undressed yoga)? tough pass. Broga (workout for bros)? Too a great deal of clich. Hypno yoga? I’m sense very drowsy. drunk yoga? No thankfully, I’m pulling. Doga (Dog meditation)? I lean cat not canine. (acceptable, I admit that I felt a brief tickle somewhere in my sacral chakra a few years back when a co worker regaled me with tales of goat yoga, But it quickly subsided.)

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    that is where local yoga instructor Jessy Chang, Who arranges cannabis enhanced yoga classes through her Local High Society website, Graciously got me into the practice of cannabis enhanced yoga on a Saturday morning. the outcomes, that is showcased above as episode four, Pretty much speak for their own end.

    A few things to remember for anyone significant getting a bloodshot third eye: appointments, Which last approximately one hour (Not keeping track of a pre flight smoke session) quite often cost $30, Which does not include the cannabis so your site bring your own. much better, Bring enough for the whole class so you’ll be expanding your circle of friends and your consciousness all at once. (thanks to the pandemic, Social smoking smoking looks a lot defined now. Passing some pot is out, One joint or pipe man or woman is in, So plan necessary.) Also bring a water bottles, A mat and whatever else you’ll need to be comfortable. And be sure to wear relaxed clothing.

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