Peak Rescue Institute: SRT Descending Devices

Written By: Lance Piatt

Pick-off vs. SRT Lower Method The pick-off is the method of choice when close control of the patients is needed. IF the drop is vertical and people are below to receive the patient, the lower method allows for a very smooth ride down. This may be desirable for causing as little additional movement to the spine in a mid-face situation. Of course, if no multi-friction device is available, the lower method is the practical solution. An SRT lower should be used instead of the pick-off if there are multiple patients to be extricated from the same general area. Start with the higher patients first. One advantage of the lower method over the pick off is that only one body weight is moving at a time. VISIT US Descent devices are or can be, a personal preference. They all have pros and cons built in to them. Some are great for pick-offs, general lowers and heavier loads, others can be (as well) but modifications are needed. All descenders or rappel devices here are perfect for single person lower or rappel. This video IS NOT a how to, but a Brand In Use look at what the product looks like when in use. There are certainly different views on SRT (single rope technique) and two rope (main/belay) systems. This video shows both.


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