PART 3: Carriage System | QUAD BUNDLE | Horizontal Rigging

Written By: Lance Piatt

Carriage System The carriage system for a quad bundle highline is very similar to the single trackline. The composite rigidity of 4 ropes is twice as much as that of 2…we can now keep our deflection at 2.5% of the overall length of span. This is a good system for heavy loads and/or extremely shallow locations such as those that may be encountered during search and rescue of building collapse rubble piles. Highline operations are dangerous. They are the most difficult of all vertical rescues. Under no circumstances should a highline be attempted solely on the instruction of this video or any video. They should almost always b used as a last resort. Because of the tremendous stress highline put on anchors, here are some key principles that must be included in the construction of highlines. Anchors must be bombproof Full strength of the track-line must be utilized by eliminating all knots, and all sharp bends in the rope. All knots on the control lines must be bypassed. Maintaining a pulley tension system to the highlines utilizing a “slipping clutch”(or safety fuse) in the form of system prusiks. (8mm, 3 wrap) Incorporate a carriage system supporting the load. In this video, SMC Terradaptor, Rock Exotica Vortex Multipod, Sterling Rope, Rock Exotica Omni Blocks and Rock Exotica AZTEK Elite Mechanical Advantage pulley system, Rock Exotica Rigging Plates, Rock Exotica Pulleys/Carabiners, Sterling Rope Carabiners/ Pulleys, Petzl I’d, Yates Gear Screamer Shock Absorbers.

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