Norwegian Reeve – Control Side & Carriage System – Horizontal Rigging

Written By: Lance Piatt

Norwegian Reeve When we talk about reeving systems for highlines, we are referring to the rigging component that allows us to lower from and raise to the carriage system of the highline. This is our rope elevator so to speak. The Norwegian Reeve, like it’s brother the English Reeve, is a 6:1 compound mechanical advantage. However, with the Norwegian Reeve it terminates at the Carriage and requires much less rope than the English which runs the full length of the highline system. The trade-off is that the Norwegian Reeve requires more rope management and must be let out from the control side as the carriage moves away from the home base side. For additional detailed information on the Norwegian and English Reeves contact Rescue Response Gear about our highline rigging courses.

Sterling Rope is the Official Rope of Rescue Response Gear’s The Rigging Lab. The Lab uses Sterling’s 11mm HTP Static for many of our rigging systems. A multi-use rescue/rappel rope that resists moisture and has high abrasion resistance. 100% polyester static provides significantly lower elongation and is perfect for any haul system. Ideal for high traffic expeditions, mountain rescue, military, industrial rope access, and swift-water rescue uses.
Certified to NFPA 1983, 2006 Life Safety Rope – Light use

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