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Kong Back-Up Fall Arrest Kit This Rescue Response Gear fall arrester kit comes complete with a Kong Back-Up fall arrest devise, one steel carabiner and two Sterling Rope Dogbones (5.5″ & 12″ lanyards). Constructed of nylon webbing the lanyards offer two loop ends, one that is sewn tight to the carabiner and the other a wider loose end. Kong Back-Up: The Kong Back-Up is designed to be a fall arrester. It is designed to be used on rope with a diameter between 10mm and 12mm. It uses two levers to apply pressure to the rope when it is subjected to a load. It is supplied with a steel carabiner instead of an aluminum carabiner because the weight of the steel carabiner is necessary to slightly engage the larger lever against the rope to keep the Back-Up from sliding under its own weight when there is no load on it. The Back-Up has no teeth on either of the levers to prevent damage to the rope. Sterling Rope Dogbones: These versatile runners are constructed with 3/4″ nylon webbing. Each quickdraw style sling offers high tensile strengths and excellent abrasion resistance. Each length features one end that is sewn tight to the carabiner on one end and a wider loose end. Kit Includes: Kong Back-Up Steel Carabiner Sterling Rope Dogbone 5.5″ Sterling Rope Dogbone 12″ If used for fall protection, be sure to check ANSI and EN requirements for limiting maximum potential fall distances.


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