Is the Avao Bod Harness Really That Good?

Written By: Lance Piatt

Is the Avao Bod Harness really that good?

The Avao Bod represents a leap forward in comfort, design and practicality in work and rescue harnesses. Featuring an X-shaped dorsal construction system, a reconfigured waist belt and padding system, the Avao line offers increased support and comfort for ascent, descent and work positioning.

Professional riggers and rigging and rope enthusiasts of all experience levels will be able to appreciate the Avao’s versatility and user friendly configuration. The Avao is certified to ANSI Z359.1, NFPA 1983 Class III, CSA Z259.10, CE EN 361, CE EN 358 and CE EN 813.


Petzl Avao from Rigging Lab Academy on Vimeo.

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