How Does a Petzl Croll Work?

Written By: Lance Piatt

A Petzl Croll is an ascending device used in caving and industrial rope access made by the French company Petzl. Its name comes from the town Crolles where Petzl’s company headquarters are located but might also be a reference to the nearby cave system of the Dent de Crolles, the exploration of which triggered a lot of technical effort leading to innovation in caving equipment.

How does a Petzl Croll Work from Rigging Lab Academy on Vimeo.

The Petzl Croll is a lightweight chest rope clamp used for ascending the rope. Essential piece of equipment in the working at height industries such as rope access and arbor and tree climbing.

  • It is compact lightweight and used as a chest rope clamp.
  • Used with the Petzl ASCENSION, is a handled rope clamp for ascending a rope.
  • Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions (e.g. rope that is icy, muddy, etc.).
  • The stainless steel cam has better resistance to corrosion
  • The rope channel is reinforced with stainless steel for greater durability
  • Catch is opened by pinching for easy, simple manipulation
  • Lower hole is angled to keep the device flat
  • Upper hole for attaching a SECUR shoulder strap to keep the rope clamp in position

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