Fire Departments Visit Nicaragua

Written By: Lance Piatt

In January 2014 Rescue Response Gear made a trip down to Condega Nicaragua, partnering with ERSLA (Emergency Response Services for Latin America) and the Bend Fire Fighters Foundation. The goal of this trip was to pull together several fire departments from the area of Northern Nicaragua and provide them with water rescue training for in the wet season when all of the rivers flood. Between Rescue Response Gear and the Bend Firefighter Foundation a ton of gear was also provided and donated to the fire departments down there, which was a huge and necessary blessing for the Nicaraguan fire fighters. But greatest of all was the relationships built both between the local Nicaraguan fire departments who had previously never worked together, and the relationships built between the Americans and the Nicaraguans. The future is looking bright with our relationships down there and the future projects partnering with ERSLA and Bend Fire Fighters Foundation.

Rescue Response Gear has been making trips to Nicaragua for many years now. Working with ERSLA has been a total highlight and blessing to us as a group, family and company.

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