Instructors & Contributors at Rigging Rigging Lab Academy

Richard Delaney


Dan Ghiringhelli

Dan Ghiringhelli - Rigging Lab Academy

Trask Bradbury

Trask-Bradbury rigging

Nathan Paulsberg

Nathan-Paulsberg rigging

Pat Rhodes

Reed Thorne

Reed-Thorne rigging

Jason Fautz

Jason-Fautz rigging

Tom Wood

tom wood rigging

Jason Ilowite

Rich Hattier

Rich Hattier - Rigging Lab Academy

Craig McClure

Craig McClure rigging

Dan Oliver


Eddy Cartaya

Eddy Cartaya

Sean Cogan

Sean Cogan - Rigging Lab Academy

Rich Carlson

Mark Pfeifer

Mark Pfeifer - Rigging Lab Academy

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