Entering and Ascending the tree | Footlock Technique

Written By: Lance Piatt


An example of one of many techniques used to vertically ascend on a rope into a tree. The footlock technique actually a very efficient and time saving method of ascending rope. There is, like all new things, a learning process… but once mastered… you’ll be ascending faster than just about anything else. Make sure your large leg muscles are in good shape. It is a classic style of ascending a tree only. The climber is tied in to the climbing by (normally) and three wrap prusik and connected to the climbers harness (saddle). An ascender can also be used in place of the prusik. PEZL SEQUOIA Seat harness for arborists using traditional footlock ascent techniques Extra-wide, semi-rigid waistbelt offers exceptional support and ventilation Waistbelt and suspension seat lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort when suspended Easy to don with FAST buckles on the waistbelt and leg loops Attachment bridge provides lateral mobility Attachment bridge is attached to the waistbelt and to the leg loops by two gated rings in order to: – distribute the pressure evenly between the waistbelt and leg loops (three positions) – adapt the length of the attachment bridge – attach the RING S or the SWIVEL directly to the attachment bridge The two lateral attachment points transfer the weight evenly around the waistbelt for comfort when leaning back in the belt (when feet are supported) Five equipment loops with protective sheaths Two rings for attaching a hand saw Slots for CARITOOL tool holder The Ultimate Positioning Lanyard is made with our TriTech™ rope and is available in both 10ft and 12ft lengths. TriTech™ may provide additional resistance to incidental nicks and offers the most abrasion resistance with nonconductive properties. Our lanyard comes with a sewn eye termination on one end and an ISC steel or aluminum snaphook sewn on the other. The Ultimate Positioning Lanyard is designed for maximum adjustability

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