Confined Space Rescue Tight Line Skate Block System

Written By: Lance Piatt

Skate blocks are aerial track systems that are considered by many to be simpler to rig than a traditional highline system… and often much more effective. Enjoy this training video

There are numerous variations to the “skate block” Often a skate block only requires one rescuer to climb the structure and anchor the change of direction pulleys.  The system is also operated from the ground which increases rescuer safety (less people in the zone). Very popular for rescue towers scenarios.

Skate block systems run from the bottom into a high point redirected pulleys.  These systems can often be mirrored so using MPDs or I’ds would be used in these scenarios. The edge transition is always best managed when a high point anchor can be utilized with a mechanical advantage system like a “set of fours”.

As the bottom control releases the tension and lets out on the MPD, the patient package will travel down the line much like a carriage assembly .

As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!

Peace on your days…

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