Anchors Fixed Line | 3 to 1 Triple Loop Power Point

Written By: Lance Piatt

In this video we are looking at the aggregate accumulation of force by adding multiple smaller anchor placements and building a master point from them. With each camming unit accumulating about 2,000 to 2,700 lbs of force (each) we can build a very strong anchor for single or two person loads. Topics covered in this video: Load Distributing Anchor Anchor Systems Load Sharing Anchors Twin Loop Anchors Triple Loop Anchors Clove Hitch In-line Jumper Fixed Line Anchors Fixed Rope Load Sharing Anchors Products in this video: Metolius SuperCam Metolius PowerCam Metolius Waldo Harness Metolius Inferno Carabiner Sterling Eagle 2 Carabiner Sterling Rope


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