Advanced Rigging Physics: Vectors & Mechanical Advantage (Trailer)-Richard Delaney

Written By: Lance Piatt

This course covers the basic physics that apply to roping systems. This course should enable technicians to develop a deeper understanding and a sound approach to problem-solving. Considering force and tension as vectors and finding creative ways to apply these in the field makes it so much easier to define resultants and calculate mechanical advantage in complex systems. This is the first of it’s kind so be sure to check it out.

For those of you who don’t know Richard Delaney or RopeLab… RopeLab is an initiative of Richard Delaney. It is an educational entity for roping technicians. We aim to explore concepts, question dogma, test theories, understand systems and share findings with the roping world. While there is much free information on the website, detailed reports on test results and extensive physics explanations are available to RopeLab members. RopeLab also runs regular workshops to facilitate face to face learning in a social environment.

Who is this course for? Anyone who plays or works with ropes will find useful information in this course. We have members who are arborists, vertical rescue operators, rope access technicians, riggers, aerialists, entertainment riggers, tower workers, rock-climbers, canyoners, and outdoor educators… detailing basic mathematical language to extensive testings on roping equipment and systems.




Lance Piatt
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