3 Steps To Building Your Rigging Quiver Part 1

Written By: Lance Piatt

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Question: Two or More Vectors Added Together = Applied Force = Resultant

I think we all want the best.  We want a stellar life.  But when you get past things like  Marriage?  Kids?  Friends? You might think of cars, houses and jobs… then what?  If we are honest with ourselves, we are struggling with at least two of things right?

I know!… I have probably lost half of you already… you know why?  Because we actually don’t have a clue about what is “best” means nor how to appropriate it.

I have now angered another third of the people reading this.  That is ok… About 20% of you are left and there is a reason I bring this up.

Of the thousands of people who started reading this, only 20% of you will actually finish this blog.  Why?  Simply put,  20% of all people build, produce, and design what  80% of the us use. That means that as group, most of us are unprepared for much of what we do (to one degree or another).  Why is this?

Well, we can talk about risks, dangers, allocation of resources (be it time, money, energy ect…), but honestly, that doesn’t really make a ton of difference.  Efficiency and focus are two primary “elements” of life that everyone has the opportunity to get really good at.  Any way we cut it, we all have a problem with not being the top 20% of any given area of life.  Some of you might be in the Top 20 in one or maybe even two segments of what you do and some of us might be perpetually in the bottom rung of the 80%. However, there is hope!

Solving The Problem: The Quiver

Listen! There are some really smart people out there who have given us a lot of advice on how to build, produce, design, engineer, forge… (whatever we do).  However there are really only 3 things we need to remember.

  1. We create and vision in Wisdom
  2. We establish (enact, agree, bring into existence) in Understanding
  3. We fill, occupy or supply in Knowledge
  • Wisdom is discernment, good sense, or being sagacious (acute perception and sound judgment).
  • Understanding is essentially comprehending and having the capacity to apprehend the general relationship of particulars.
  • Knowledge is facts or ideas acquired by study, investigation, observation, or experience.

Obviously most everyone (still) reading this blog are rescue riggers, so we’ll keep to that line of thinking.

Building your Rigging Quiver
  1. The systems are first visioned in sound judgement, discernment and good sense. The Design Phase
  2. The systems are then laid out in general relationship to the particulars of the environment at hand. The Framework or Wire-Frame
  3. The final aspect is the running of the entire system where all the study, observation and past experience is used. Filling The Project

There are only three real aspects to rigging for rescue and you can not cut out or minimize any of these three without compromising the system. Period.  Believe me, I know.  It isn’t pretty when things fall apart from a lack of either wisdom, understanding or knowledge. And to the degree of lessening any of them, the consequences are an X-factor.  Life is just that way!

The Math

One quick example I will leave you with.

Applied Knowledge = Applied Force.  Applied Force = A Resultant.  And a resultant is the single vector that is the sum of a given set of vectors.

If you screw up Knowledge, your resultant is screwed up.  Your resultant is based on the capacity to apprehend the general relationship of the particulars and you don’t having anything unless you have an acute perception of your environment and sound judgement within it.

For those who love math… we have the problem, we solved for it, and self corrected by working it backwards.  The math works.

Folks, we can help you will all of this.

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Peace on your days



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