Unlocking Efficiency and Safety: The CAPTO and CLUTCH Mechanical Advantage System

Written By: Lance Piatt

Welcome to a new era in rope access and rescue operations, where innovation meets simplicity. In the world of technical rope work, the challenges of complexity, safety concerns, and limited versatility have met their match. Introducing CAPTO and CLUTCH – a dynamic duo designed to transform the way technicians approach their work.

The following is a short video highlighting the CAPTO while demonstrating the entire CLUTCH CAPTO System.


The Problem

1. Equipment Complexity:

Navigating a maze of specialized devices can be a daunting task for technicians. The complexity of managing multiple tools not only consumes time but also poses a risk of errors in critical operations. We understand that the key to efficiency lies in simplifying the toolkit without compromising functionality.

2. Safety Concerns:

Safety is paramount in rope access and rescue, and the risk of overload during hauling and ascending operations is a real and pressing concern. Existing tools may lack robust force-limiting mechanisms, putting both technicians and rescue subjects at potential risk. It’s time for a solution that prioritizes safety without sacrificing performance.

3. Limited Versatility:

Technicians need to be adaptable in various rigging scenarios, but the limitation of specialized devices hinders their versatility. Carrying an array of tools not only complicates mobility but also restrains the ability to efficiently respond to diverse challenges. The call is for a solution that offers a versatile, all-encompassing tool for the modern rope professional.

In the pursuit of addressing these challenges head-on, we introduce CAPTO and CLUTCH – the culmination of cutting-edge design and decades of experience. Developed collaboratively by CMC and Harken Industrial (Clutch), two industry giants with roots in rescue, rope access, and high-performance sailing, these systems embody a commitment to excellence and innovation.

See The CMC Clutch CAPTO Mechanical Advantage System

A Guide For Your Solution

1. Integrated Functionality with CAPTO:

CAPTO redefines the landscape with its multi-functional design, seamlessly combining a rope grab, high-efficiency pulley, and integrated becket. The result? A single device that streamlines training and operations, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple tools.

2. Force-Limiting Innovation:

The V-Groove Cam in CAPTO sets a new standard for safety. Designed to handle rescue loads with force-limiting overload protection, this innovative feature ensures that technicians can operate with confidence, knowing that the risk of overload-related accidents is significantly reduced.

3. Versatility Unleashed with CLUTCH:

CLUTCH, the latest evolution in rescue and rope access hardware, is the epitome of versatility. Transitioning seamlessly between anchor-based systems and personal use, CLUTCH empowers technicians to achieve more with a single, efficient tool. No more compromises – just optimal control in every rigging scenario.


The time for transformation is now. As a rope professional, your efficiency and safety are non-negotiable. Join the revolution with CAPTO and CLUTCH. Streamline your operations, enhance your safety measures, and unlock unparalleled versatility.

Invest in the tools that redefine what’s possible in rope access and rescue. Click here to explore CAPTO and CLUTCH, and take the first step toward a future where efficiency and safety go hand in hand.

Don’t let complexity, safety concerns, and limited versatility hold you back. Elevate your rope work with CAPTO and CLUTCH – where innovation meets simplicity.


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