Uninjured Victim High Angle Pick Off Using Petzl Jag System

Written By: Lance Piatt

Okay, so the operation that we did here was a high angle pick-off. And what we do is, we start with our double-long tail bowline. So we approach the victim, we take one of the tails and secure that to their second point of attachment on their harness.

At that point we need to unweight the victim from their system, so we use a low transferring device, in this case it was the Petzl Jag system, and we haul it up on that. As we did that, it introduced slack into the victim’s system, at which point we were able to disconnect them from their system because they had two points of connection to our system.

So we used the load transferring device, which was the Petzl Jag connected to two prusiks that we tied just above our double long tail bowline. We established two points of connection to the victim, we put the victim in a controllable position for the down operation, we called for down, and we were lowered to the ground, and that was our high angle pick-off operation.

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