The Uncovering of Leadership Part 7: Leadership Through Awakening

Written By: Lance Piatt

Leading Through Awakening is about embodying your purpose. You know that you are exactly where you need to be and you’re ready to make a difference. It’s time to take charge and create the change you want to see in the world. Be bold, be brave, and lead the way!  With determination and passion, you will have an incredible impact on the world. Let’s make it happen!

Leading in the field is about stepping up and being your true self – no matter what. You can create extraordinary change when you lead with courage and conviction. So why wait? It’s time to believe in yourself, trust that you have what it takes to make a difference, and take action today! The world needs you!  Lead in the field now and show the world just what you can do.  Make your mark and set the example for others to follow. You are capable of greatness – seize this moment, start leading in the field, and let’s get to work!

Leading Through Awakening’s approach to “think in systems” and is based on the principle that a system comprises of parts, and each part affects the functioning of the whole. It emphasizes the fact that all stakeholders—whether they are people or organizations—are connected, and any changes made in one area will have an impact on another. This means that leaders must be mindful of the broader context and strategic objectives, and be able to identify patterns in order to make decisions that will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizational system.

Furthermore, this approach requires leaders to balance short-term gains with long-term goals, ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from any changes made. With a focus on systems thinking, Leading Through Awakening provides a comprehensive framework for developing the necessary skills to lead in today’s complex and changing environment.

From understanding how systems work, to analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, to making timely decisions based on data-driven insights, this program helps leaders develop the mindset and capabilities needed to succeed in their roles. This leadership enables organizations to become better equipped to respond successfully to changing conditions and build a better future.

Great leaders sense what’s coming and adjust their approach accordingly, by setting the tone for others to follow. They have an eye on the future, anticipating potential obstacles or opportunities that are likely to arise. By preparing ahead of time, they stay ahead of the competition and make sure everyone is working together towards a common goal. This requires an awareness of the “vibe” that’s present in any given situation, as well as a deep understanding of how all the moving parts work together.

Those who are successful at awakening people,  have a knack for recognizing and leveraging these forces to their advantage. Athletes, businesspeople, and musicians alike have tapped into this power and used it to propel themselves to greater heights. By developing an internal awareness and attuning yourself to the subtle signs of what lies ahead, you too can become a leader in your field.

Consider this points as we move through this construction of the “awakened”!

  • Know it in your bones: Refers to understanding something deeply and intuitively, without needing to be told or taught.
  • To be awakened is NOT the same as “woke”: While being aware of one’s surroundings can be seen as a form of awakening, it is not the same as ‘being woke’, which implies a level of activism and confrontation.
  • Pebbles in the Water: Refers to the ripples that each action or decision creates, having consequences far and wide. It is an important concept for leaders to consider when making decisions, as their actions can have a major impact on those around them.
  • Instinct and Intuition: Refers to the ability to sense what is right and wrong, even without knowing why. It is a valuable trait for leaders to have, as it can help them make better decisions in uncertain situations.
  • Imagination: The power to think beyond the obvious and look at things from different perspectives. This ability helps leaders come up with creative solutions that may otherwise go overlooked.
  • We sense what matters: Refers to the ability to recognize the importance of certain situations and decisions. Leaders need to be able to identify what needs immediate attention and prioritize accordingly.
  • Resistance only leads to problems: Refers to the fact that struggling against certain events or decisions can only create further complications and roadblocks. Leaders must strive towards acceptance and understanding, instead of resistance.


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