Artificially Elevate the Edge & Safely Transition Rescuers & Victims

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Get Your Hands on this Must-Have Piece of Equipment

It's no secret that the Artificial High Directional has become a must-have piece of equipment in the rescue world. It's portable, easy to assemble, and offers a team complete control over the location and configuration of a high directional to best suit the needs of the given task.

Adjust to your environment whether it's...

Design Features

The TerrAdaptor Tripod is loaded with features & tools to help you quickly and efficiently rig this unique high directional anchor

The Main Attachment Point

Main Attachment Point

A two position yoke main load bearing attachment point located at the bottom of the main head. Attach items to the head with the use of the Main Attachment Pin, which is a quick release ball lock pin.
The Quicklash

The Quicklash

An auxiliary anchorpoint that can be added before, during or even after the setup of the TerrAdaptor as a connection point for a single or multi-directional tieback, as a tie down supporting greater stability, and/or used as an attachment point for hanging pulleys or other gear.
Lash Ring

Lash Ring

Providing multiple attach points for stabilizing the tripod, Lash Rings can be installed in any position, in any quantity and in any orientation along the perf tubes.
The Hobble


Light, versatile, and easy to use, the rope and prusik cord used in the hobble is specially designed for low stretch and high strength.
Load Locking Head Pins

Load Locking Head Pins

Adjust the head angle in multiple directions allowing the head to remain level even when the terrain is not.
Leg Tube Connections

Leg Tube Connections

Easily adjust the height by means of telescoping leg sections.

Key Design Features

Key design features allow versatile positioning with using the TerrAdaptor Artificial High Directional System.

Adjust the head angle in multiple directions allowing the head to remain level when the terrain is not, keeping attached rigging clean, safe, and organized.

Adjust the heading
Extreme Adjustability

With extreme durability, countless non-standard configurations are available utilizing shallow angles and horizontals that are not available with other tripod systems in the market.

All of the necessary parts to assemble a standard symmetric tripod that provides the availability to reach a height of approximately 10 feet.

Extreme Adjustability
High Rating

With a manufacturer's rating of 5,000 lb. ft. you can rig the TerrAdapter Portable Anchor to a height of up to 12 feet with a lazy leg.

Easy "grab your bags and go" package in three compact bags to store the entire system together in an organized fashion.

TerrAdaptor - Portable Anchor System

The TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor system in the standard symmetric tripod and quapod configurations are the only systems of their kind to be certified by UL to NFPA 1983 (2006 ed.)

Providing one or more high strength auxiliary attachment points and can be positioned at 45 degree increments within either the leg tube styles.

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Horizontal Systems - Rigging Lab Academy


Enjoy unlimited rigging positions with variable head angles and leg positions. The TerrAdaptor System Multiple configurations of the TerrAdapter Portable Anchor System can be built from various standard system components.

Gin Pole or Monopod

Gin Pole or Monopod

Ideal for close quarters where there's not enough room for multi-leg configurations supporting several thousand pounds while remaining a lightweight, single leg assembly.
A-Frame: Bi-Pod

A-Frame / Bi-Pod

A standard A-Frame or a Sideways A-Frame often used in narrow areas like catwalks.
Edge-A Tripod

Edge-A Tripod

Essentially an A-Frame with the added stability of a third leg. configure the A leaning either over or away from the edge.
Symmetric Tripod

Symmetric Tripod

For straight vertical access such as above manholes or access hatches.
Horizontal Span

Horizontal Span

Span horizontal voids such as trenches, catwalks, pits, or small streams.


Transition into a Quadpod System with a fourth leg.

The TerrAdaptor Interchangeable Foot System

Standard with the TerrAdaptor is aluminum half round Ball Feet designed to accept a ring for attaching leg hobbles and Baskets whose large surfaces resist penetration of the legs into snow, sand, mud and other soft surfaces.

The Modular Foot System enables Quick and easy swap out of the 3 foot options:

Spiked Talon
Rocker Foot
Articulating Foot

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