Jason_Ilowite rigging

Jason Ilowite

Rigging Lab Academy Instructor | Firefighter

Jason is an avid rope rescue enthusiast. He took a specific interest in the technical rescue aspect of the fire department, got assigned to the county’s heavy rescue squad, and developed a passion for rope rescue. He’s been lucky enough to participate in classes with people from all across the rope spectrum. As such, he sort of adopted the rope rescue program in his department as his own, and he’s in the process of writing manuals and developing training. He has big visions of changing the “old school fire department rigging culture” from antiquated tactics that are no longer accepted in the rescue world, to more modern and efficient rigging.

To Jason, it’s important that people who practice rope rescue craft an understanding of the “why” behind the “how”, something that is not often something explored in the fire department rescue world. As an instructor at Rigging Lab Academy, Jason offers a great perspective from both inside and outside the fire rescue world which allows him to convey important messages to his audience in a very relatable way.

When he’s not busy at the firehouse he works at in Loudoun County, VA, Jason loves to spend time with his two daughters.

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