Jason Fautz

Rigging Lab Academy Instructor | Founder of SlackTech

Jason is devoted to slacklining. His company, SlackTech was founded in May of 2013 literally in a campground, the Smith Rock State Park Bivouac to be exact. It was a result of being frustrated with the systems and hardware available for slacklining. Because his initial group was (and still consists of) a ragtag group of slackers, climbers and general dirtbags, he had a lot of time to sit and complain about how he thought things should be. Eventually, he got to the point of saying, “Let’s freaking do something about it!” Luckily, his rag tag group of slackers, climbers and dirtbags also had education and professional experience in manufacturing engineering, product design, machining, advanced physics, computer programming and some of that legal stuff. They figured they knew enough collectively to make things work.

He acquired a bunch of equipment during the summer and fall while working to crank out new design concepts, prototypes, building a website, developing distributor relations and BAM! There he was, launching his eCommerce website and offering his first unique part with more to following. Not only does Jason have the opportunity to design and develop slackline hardware, but he’s fortunate enough to have the opportunity to design and develop equipment for a community to whom he gives the greatest thanks!

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