Eddy Cartaya

Rigging Lab Academy Instructor | Co-Founder of Glacier Cave Explorers | TED Speaker

A ranger at Deschutes National Forest in Oregon, Eddy Cartaya not only solves cave crimes — he also explores the ever-changing system of caves within Mount Hood’s Sandy Glacier. He is an experienced caver and mountaineer who has a passion for exploration and discovery.

Much of Eddy’s life takes place in caves. A ranger at Deschutes National Forest in Oregon, in charge of law enforcement and investigations, he solves crimes that happen in caves. This can range from investigating the theft of lava formations that date back 6,000 years to tracking down a group of people who covered over ancient cave art with spray paint. 

Cartaya and his climbing partner, Brent McGregor, also explore the frozen, icy caves created in the Sandy Glacier as it slowly slides down Oregon’s Mount Hood. In 2011, the pair identified and explored three caves which they named Snow Dragon, Pure Imagination and Frozen Minotaur. Together, the caves create 7,000 feet of passageway through the glacier. Experts think this may be the longest glacial cave system in the United States outside of Alaska.

Eddy founded Glacier Cave Explorers with the help of his friend Brent McGregor. Glacier Cave Explorers is part of the Oregon High Desert Grotto (OHDG), a non-profit chapter of the National Speleological Society (NSS). The NSS is an organization dedicated to advancing the study, conservation, exploration, and knowledge of caves. 

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