Rescue Rope-Based Rigging Concepts: A book review

Written By: Lance Piatt

Rescue Rope-Based Rigging Concepts… A new book by Steve Crandall.  At first glance I see Images, Content and a Warning sign!  A warning sign? Because books are not intended to be used in place of active proficient practice. Steve’s insight on the subject of rope rescue, rigging and intellectual concepts of physics, breathes life into the world of principles and techniques many of us have taken for granted or never even thought of.  From the beginning of Steve’s “career”, building systems were part of his DNA. Rescue Rope-Based Rigging Concepts is the culmination of a life vision.

Steve readily admits from the get go, that a few components in the book purposely run thin… equipment, knots, rappelling and ascending.  None of these elements can be learned via books only, but through hands-on training and proficient practice… by qualified and well-experienced instructors.  Steve, like all great thought leaders has had mentors along the way. Guiding, challenging and encouraging him to making their ceiling his floor… Individuals like Michel Goulet, Reed Thorne, Mike Gibbs, Mark Miller, Pat Rhodes and Bruce Smith; all household names in the field of rope rescue and rigging. Now Steve is passing on this torch to the next generation.

The images used in this masterpiece are as impressive as the content and gives us an incredible view of Steve’s vertical world.  His understanding of building efficient movements through well thought-out systems, whether mountains, buildings, bridges, and towers, is seen everywhere.  Simply said, proficiency is efficiency and this is Rescue Rope-Based Rigging Concepts.

Even before you enter into the core elements of the book, Steve lays it out…”Rescue Rope-Based Rigging Concepts is written specifically for adoption as a team manual in an affort to aid dedicated rescue groups in their preparation.”  Steve Crandall is a rare breed of teacher-learner-mentor.  The Teacher never rises above his/her level as a Learner and because of the unique mix, I would add the gift of Mentor.  Steve’s commitment to the process of learning, teaching and refining this process again and again is evident.  His passions for giving and training are profound.  This manuscript is a deep running stream for those who want to excel.

Steve’s material covers an incredible array of disciplines from the fire service to professional guides, recreational mountaineers, climbers, cavers, rope access technicians, window cleaners, arborists and industrial rigging professionals.  Specialized military and law enforcement tactical teams to theater and entertainments industries are included as well.  One would question how in the world all this could be packed into one book.  Well, this manuscript for team leaders and technicians is well over 450 pages and is looked up as a gift to the tribe or as he calls it “our community”.

Steve acknowledges all who have gone before him and bows his head to the future generations of riggers… A consummate gentleman and leader.  His life’s passions are his God, his family and the work he has been given to do… Save lives and teach others to do the same.  Rescue Rope-Based Rigging Concepts is in complete agreement modern day theory and practice and raises the level of accountability to all who enter into it’s pages.

And oh… by the way?  Steve is owner operator for Heavy Rescue Training LLC, Captain and TRT member for Salt Lake City Fire Department, Level 2 Certified SPRAT, Rescue Specialist with FEMA/USAR and serves on the Rescue Working Group Advisory Committee.  The list goes on and Steve is probably rolling eyes at my even mentioning these accomplishments… so just read up on him yourself.  Get the book, use the book, teach the book. Here is where you can get it…  GET THE BOOK HERE!!!!


Peace on your days…

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