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If you aren’t using Twin Tension Systems or Artificial High Directionals let’s talk about why.  We’ll get you there in 5 days!


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Your Host:

Lance Piatt

CEO, Rigging Lab Academy

Your Speaker:

Craig McClure

Rigging Lab Academy Partner Instructor From The Crackerjack Group

Having an Artificial High Directional as part of your equipment cache is a tremendous benefit to your team. These tools solve real problems and your only limit is imagination (and some physics) once you have gained confidence with them.

What you’ll learn on this webinar:

  • checkA simple Framework to think critically about a wide variety of applications of AHDs. Exploring different equipment and options.
  • checkUnderstand why we default to Twin Tension systems and overcome objections to get your team there too.
  • checkTake a look at the “normal” rules of rope rescue with a critical eye to enhance your critical thinking and learn how to make decisions based on applied theories of force, compression, and tension.

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