Quite On The Set

Written By: Lance Piatt

Just Hanging Out

We had just finished up shooting for the day at Deschutes Brewery. Our goal was to capture the essence of simple rigging for rope access projects.

Richard Delaney of RopeLab, was here from Australia… giving us his professional and inventive thoughts into this ever growing and changing world. Rich had been building the elements for the upcoming V Anchor series for Rigging Lab Academy and as we were tearing down we noticed our film crew was nowhere around.

As we traveled down the stairs of the massive vats that house some of the best beer in the world, we could see Torrey curled up in this little corner barely visible through his camera set up. He saw us and paid no attention. We turned around saw what none of us were even aware of… the essence of why we were there in the first place. Simplicity and the art of creative rigging. Bam!!!!



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