Mirrored Skate Block System Overview

Written By: Lance Piatt

We are looking at a Mirrored Skate Block system. Communication workers and other tower “type” workers are the normal benefactors of this type of system. One large benefit of stake blocks is the lack of high tension on the system… however, it can be difficult to learn and execute.However, with the Mirrored Skate Block… being very similar to a track line… you can’t over tension the system. Rather than one line in the system, we have duplicated one line into the system made them “mirror images of each other”… Incredibly simple, safe and very very fast. 2 people can rig this system. Heck, one person can rig this system. We did!

Mirrored Skate Block
The Skate Block is not a new technique but it is one that has been presented with backup options of varying complexity.
This video demonstrates the simplicity of the Mirrored Skate Block and shows that it can be setup and operated by a single person yet still maintain complete redundancy.
The scenario is that one of a team of two workers is injured and needs to be lowered from a high point on a structure.

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