Making The Complex Simple

Written By: Lance Piatt

At work and at home.

This image is so great in many ways. First, Trask Bradbury is a great friend and stylist in his work and rigging. Trask helped us, Rescue Response Gear and Rigging Lab Academy, in focusing down on the Safe and Simple Rigging project we did a couple of years ago. I sent a few of our staff members to the Vertical Rescue Solutions SPRAT Level 1 training workshop in Denver Colorado.

Though I wasn’t there in attendance, seeing through the photos of Trask demonstrating his skills was trip back down memory lane. Though Trask was there for his own re-cert for Level 3, he took the time to elaborate on the finer points of making the complex simple.

I don’t how many times I have been asked about systems, equipment and training… and how to best determine what is needed or how to go about doing “something”. I think back on guys like Trask Bradbury and Rich Delaney and how complexity is a perception. Knowing what needs to get done, and doing it.. is the art. Complexity without function is just wrong.



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