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Written By: Lance Piatt

The relationship between time and money. Conceptual image.Never before, has there been a time where saving time and money, more important. We value your time as well as ours. Saving money on purchases can also be very expensive. How’s that you ask? Saving money on the wrong piece of gear or system is extremely costly. Missed phone calls, the constant volley of emails, Returns, RMAs, shipping… not to mention that each person’s time value exceeds over $100 per hour when all the administrative expenses are looked at. We can help with all of this.

As a member of Rescue Response Gear Pro, you have access all our web inventory at Pro purchase pricing, technical knowledge, service and hundreds of training and educational videos. No more questions as to what your best price is… You see it and have it. If works, then awesome. If it doesn’t, you’ll know right then. If you need multiple bids… you have it. If all you need is pricing to secure your requisition request… you have it as well.

I don’t envy many of the volunteers and professionals who are tasked with dredging the bowels of the internet looking for the right piece of gear and or systems and getting totally frustrated because the process just takes to long. All to often, the need is pricing and best solution. Stocking isn’t really the issue any longer, as just in-time drop shipping from manufacturers have allowed small businesses to do what they do best (service) and not tie up all their capital in inventory which is not a great way to build equity, profits or longevity. Some can pull the inventory off, but their customer and knowledge base is terrible. Rarely if ever, can you have both. So what is it you really want? You can work with the manufacturer, and they love that, but you only get what they have.

Great pricing, solid content and knowledge base for service and the best inventory stock available? We have that. The process is a work in progress for sure, but we are well on our way.

Our video and technical content continues to lead everyone and with our new partner… Rigging Lab Academy, you are now connected to a global network of technicians and thought leaders. How cool is that?

Anyway, love to work with y’all and thanks for the years of loyalty you have given us. We are doing our best to continue to pay it forward.

The RRG Pro Team



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