Industrial Rope Access Anchor Considerations Part 1

Written By: Lance Piatt

Today, we are at Deschutes Brewery in Bend Oregon. The scenario is an industrial rescue and access context and we are needing to perform rope access work over the railing on an industrial cat-walk. Anchor considerations are the prime focus at this point and truly, any “roped” activity.

We have looked at top rope scenarios with and without bolts and the V-Anchor is again the chosen method of attachment. Now we are looking at the same V Anchor in an industrial scenario. Two anchors are combined and the direction is selected. Always, the need determines the direction and not what anchors are available. In other words, determine where the work is being done, and then determine the anchor points.

Rather overlaying two V Anchors, we have chosen to use two double loop figure of 8s. The bights are slightly offset, so the offsets allow for perfect placements.


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