Horizontal Rigging (Trailer) with Pat Rhodes

Written By: Lance Piatt

Filmed in conjunction with Rescue Response Gear, Pat Rhodes unpacks NFPA’s Awareness, Operations and Technician platforms, Horizontal Rigging unpacks the essentials of Anchors, Main Line and Belay Line Systems, Elevated Anchor Systems and then goes full steam into Taglines, Dynamic Directionals and Highlines. Pat Rhodes has long been considered a mentor to thousands of riggers through the world. What he has to say is important.

Some of what you will see in this course:

Horizontal Systems

In high angle rescue, horizontal systems are add-on rope systems that serve as a

means to change or influence the original fall line of the mainline/belay line package.

This form of rope rigging is very useful in overcoming obstacles, and correcting the

horizontal orientation of the rescue operation.

We will address 3 major divisions of horizontal systems, they are:

1. Taglines

2. Dynamic Directionals

3. Highlines

These 3 may be further sub-divided into minor or major. Minor horizontal system do not

require belaying from the point of horizontal influence, major horizontal system require

belaying from the point of horizontal influence.

They all have advantages and disadvantages. Some work well on wide chasms, others

work better on smaller gaps, some are simply used for minor adjustments of the rescue package.

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