Written By: Lance Piatt

Looking down from the monkey

“Halftime is the in-between season that occurs at about age 45, plus or minus a few years. It’s the time first described in the book, Halftime – the season of “now what?” In our time, halftime really marks the end of Life I and the beginning of this whole new second adult season that we’ve identified as Life II or the second half. Halftime used to be the beginning of the end. Now it is the beginning of a whole new beginning: a season that for many has turned out to be the richest and most meaning-filled season of all.

Peter Drucker once told Bob Buford, “The strongest insight you had in Halftime was that there is more than one lifetime.”” Excerpt taken from http://halftimeinstitute.org/

Often life is spelled out through other people.  As my son Torrey grew older, his activities and skills (whether climbing, surfing or photography) eclipsed my best.  My decision was to embrace his passions for life and find those places where I could be significant and make my ceiling his floor.  This photo of Torrey and Adam Ermatinger is an example of this. Adam, a creative fellow in his own right, and was a creative content leader for Raven Collective Media and many of our earlier projects took Torrey along on this project at Smith Rock.  How did this happen? I took Adam along for many of our projects and watched him grow.  Torrey followed suit and now they are both finding their “trail”.

For me, rigging as always been a way to make something happen.  It wasn’t nor is it now, a huge aspect of my life… in the sense of gaining a huge rush by rigging something.  The rush for me is to allow the system to be a part of something much greater.  To give to someone what couldn’t have been given without it.  And life is a rush itself when people are the point of interest.





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